Ranking Student Employment Decision Criteria

James L. Jenkins and Brad Benhart
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana

Thomas Mills
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia

Matthew Reyes
University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma

Keith Rahn
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

This paper presents the results of a recent survey taken by construction management (CM) students at four U.S. Construction Management programs and the construction industry companies that recruit them. Respondents were asked to rate criteria that affect the students’ employment decision. Survey results indicate that although industry has a grasp on the top-5 criteria of importance there remains some misalignment of other criteria of importance. Results indicate the five most important decision criteria by 3rd and 4th year CM students when considering employment with a company are: upward job movement, salary, company reputation, company culture, and company ethics. Comparisons between the two surveys are discussed.

Key Words: Student Survey, Employment, Hiring, Retention

EasyChair Paper (PDF)