ASC International Proceedings of the Annual Conference

Aims and Scope


The ASC International Proceedings of the Annual Conference provides for the dissemination of research that enhances and improves our teaching and learning processes within construction education and construction practice. Papers submitted to the Annual Proceedings contribute to our understanding of the issues, problems, and research associated with the construction industry and construction education. The Proceedings is published once each year for the international conference.

The Annual Proceedings provides for the reporting of research, which communicates new knowledge about phenomena, whether it is qualitative or quantitative. The term “research” can be defined as any effort of careful, systematic, patient study, and investigation in some field of knowledge, undertaken to discover or establish facts and principles. More precisely, a research paper should communicate confidence that particular knowledge claims about  phenomena are true or false. Methodologies and paper elements are identical to the International Journal of Construction Education and Research guidelines.

The scope of the Annual Proceedings embraces works in education and industry content through a broad spectrum of topics in the built environment including but not limited to:

                          • Teaching/Pedagogy, and Administration
                          • New & Current Technologies in Construction
                          • Contracting, Project Delivery, and Legal Issues
                          • Project Management and Controls
                          • Construction Workforce and Organizational Management
                          • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Materials
                          • Health, Safety, and Quality Management
                          • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

Research Topics in Education

This division of the Annual Proceedings is focused on education in the built environment specifically related to construction. Papers must have immediate application to construction education’s programs, curricula, and courses. Papers should describe how a particular instructional design or strategy is unique or innovative. The paper needs to show how this design/strategy can improve the aspects of a delivery system or can increase professional knowledge in the classroom. Contributors need not limit themselves to selecting courses/curricula with innovative content. Also sought are the descriptions of traditional courses taught in unique and innovative ways. Papers can focus on instructional materials such as books, films, videotapes, computer software, filmstrips, Web sites, and other mediated or unconventional formats vis-a-vis its actual/potential classroom use. As well, this division includes general topics in education that may include such things as issues in administration, promotion and tenure, industrial training, public schools, etc. Materials should have proven their effectiveness in the construction educational setting.

Research Topics in Construction Practice

This division of the Annual Proceedings is focused on industry practice in the built environment specifically related to construction. Papers must have immediate application to the practice of construction. Papers can contain unique items of engineering, design, architecture, or construction, issues relating to materials/methods, construction applications, special construction projects, computer applications, communication technology, project delivery, and construction law/insurance/bonding issues, to name a few.