New and Current Technologies in Construction

  1. Accuracy of Drone Image Based Volumetric Surveys – Denise Adjidjonu, Joseph Burgett
  2. Evaluating the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to Perform Low-Slope Roof Inspections – Dhaval Gajjar, Joseph Burgett
  3. iDUC: Solution to Address Common Challenges of State Agency Drone Deployment – Marchell Magxaka, Jason Lucas, Joseph Burgett
  4. A Conceptual Framework for Transportation Infrastructure Resilience Optimization – Shantanu Kumar, Mohammed S. Hashem M. Mehany
  5. A Framework For Life Cycle Assessment And Cost Analysis Of Precast And Cast-In-Place Buildings In United States – Tanmay Vasishta, Mohammed S. Hashem M. Mehany
  6. The Influence of Immediate Urban Surroundings on Energy Performance of Historical Buildings – Onur Dursun, Feyza Durmuşlar, Duhan Ölmez
  7. Barriers to Automation and Robotics in Construction – Daniel J. Trujillo, Eric Holt
  8. The public perception of prefabricated housing in the UK – Raj Shah, Leigh O’Mahony, Wilfred Matipa, Alison Cotgrave
  9. Blockchain-based Information Sharing: A New Opportunity for Construction Supply Chains – Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi, Jong Han Yoon, Nishant Dass
  10. Exploring the Synergy Between Lean Construction and Flash Track Implementation – Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi, Sooraj Kumar
  11. Point-Cloud Models of Historical Barns – Spatial Discrepancies of Laser Scanning versus Robotic Total Station – Gustavo O. Maldonado, Marcel Maghiar, Brent W. Tharp
  12. A Proposed Framework for Construction 4.0 Based on a Review of Literature – Anil Sawhney, Mike Riley, Javier Irizarry, Cristina Toca Pérez
  13. Using the Circular Economy to Manage Construction Waste – Riann Gonzalez, Abdol Chini