Construction Practice (Non-Pedagogical Content)

  1. Accident Effect on Construction Workers’ Risk Habituation in Virtual Environment – Changbum Ryan Ahn, Namgyun Kim
  2. A study of effectiveness and value of BIM implementation in Lean Construction among medium size Mid-Atlantic USA construction firms. – Ashit Harode, Thomas Mills
  3. A Systematic Literature Review of Relevant Factors that Affect Interns’ Perceptions of Trust and Collaboration in the Construction Industry – Hritik Sanjay Kothari, Luciana de Cresce El Debs
  4. Business Models for Smart Cities – Nisha Shetty, Suresh Renukappa, Subashini Suresh
  5. Condition Assessment of Pavements Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and LiDAR Technology – Vinay Chawla, Carol Massarra, Husam Sadek
  6. Construction Decision making using Virtual Reality – Swaroop Ashok, Clark A Cory
  7. Evaluating the Impacts of Hurricane Maria on the Construction Industry in Puerto Rico and the Effectiveness of Reconstruction Efforts – Tim Barrett, Brad Wells, Clifton Farnsworth, Evan Bingham, James Smith
  8. Gender pay gap in the UK construction organisation – Ella Hodnett, Subashini Suresh, Suresh, Renukappa, Saeed Al Nabt
  9. Managing Knowledge in the Context of Smart Cities – Wala Abdalla, Suresh Renukappa, Subashini Suresh
  10. Mental health and wellbeing in the UK construction industry – Nathan Cartwright, Subashini Suresh, Suresh Renukappa, Khaled Algahtani
  11. Modeling Regional Patterns of Post-Disaster Permanent Housing Reconstruction Outcomes in the U.S. – Srijesh Pradhan, Erin Arneson, Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez
  12. The challenges of managing stakeholders on BIM implemented projects – Sukhtaj Singh, Ezekiel Chinyio, Subashini Suresh