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The ASC International Proceedings of the Annual Conference provides a way of disseminating information that enhances and improves our teaching and learning processes within construction education. Papers submitted to the Annual Proceedings contribute to our understanding of the issues, problems, and research associated with the construction industry and construction education. The Proceedings is published once each year for the international conference.

Authors intending on submitting papers for publication at the ASC Annual Conference are strongly recommended to review the ASC paper submission process first. Of particular note, it is important that authors’ submissions are made using correct English language. All authors are encouraged to make use of an editor or proofreader of their choosing before formally submitting their paper. Please note that the use of editorial services does not guarantee papers will be accepted for publication in the ASC Annual Proceedings.

Articles being submitted for peer review by the ASC's Board of Reviewers must be submitted electronically through this web site. Articles submitted by authors will be circulated to review board members electronically and all correspondence with the authors, editors, and review board members will also be handled in this manner.

Publication in the ASC proceedings represents an important milestone of accomplishment for the authors, due to the rigorous review process as well as the diverse and challenging configuration of the ASC Board of Reviewers. All full papers submitted to the conference are assigned to 5 or more reviewers in a blind review process. The blind review process is automated and interactive, which allow the authors to receive direct, current and clear information at all stages of the review process. The statistics of the recent five years (2012 to 2017) conferences indicate that the paper rejection rates have been 37%, 40%, 36%, 43% and 36% respectively.


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