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Reviewer Evaluations

Protected Access

Discussion Between Author(s)/Reviewer

Notification of Acceptance/Denial

ASC Proceedings Paper Submission and Review System


Review Evaluations

Before evaluation of any paper, the reviewer should consider the following summary of the ASC goals and objectives, as listed in Article I, Section 2 of the bylaws. The paper should be evaluated as to its potential contribution towards the goals and objectives of the ASC, and the specific topic area of the paper.

The goal of this association is to develop and advance construction higher education by sharing ideas and knowledge, providing guidance, and promoting excellence in curricula, teaching, research, and service.


to assist institutions in the establishment, development, and advancement of construction education programs

to establish and promote professional and technical ideals, standards, and identity for construction education

to innovate, improve and adjust curricula, educational and teaching processes

to promote the welfare and standing of construction education in other institutions and related fields

to encourage, coordinate, and participate in research for construction

The reviewer should also consider the technical content of the professional approach to the topic. Please consider the following "review criteria" when reviewing the paper and forming an assessment regarding your recommendation.

Organization Content Overall Quality
Purpose of the Paper
Logical Order of Information
Meets the Purpose of the ASC
New Information or New Approaches to Existing Knowledge
Technically Correct
Accuracy/Usage of Technical Terms
Professional Appearance
Grammar/Sentence Structure
Clarity of Figures and Tables

Protected Access

The Annual Proceedings editor/publisher assigns content- qualified reviewers to each paper from the ASC Reviewer Board membership. Upon receipt, the paper is posted below.  Each group of reviewers (3) and the respected author(s) are given a select user name and password for their anonymity and private access to the paper. Only these individuals (and the editor/publisher)  will be able to access the paper in question.

Discussion Between Author and Reviewers

The reviewer is encouraged to complete the "Reviewer Comments" section for each paper review. Please use a professional approach in making your comments; the purpose of the paper review is to supply constructive feedback to the author(s) and to improve the overall quality of the paper. Authors and reviewers remain anonymous in this process.

Notification and Acceptance/Denial

Authors are notified immediately of the Proceedings receipt of their paper. It is expected that the manuscripts will be reviewed as quickly as possible. This review process generally takes four weeks. Once the paper has been reviewed, the author(s) is expected to submit a revised paper that includes either the suggested changes or a rebuttal in defense of questioned content. The final paper will be reviewed by the same panel as the first panel. Verification of acceptance or denial will be forwarded at the completion of the review process.

ASC Proceedings Paper Submission and Review System

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