General Requirements

Writing Quality 

The Proceedings editor will consider only papers that contain viable content and that also demonstrate clear writing ability and accurate grammar and language usage. Authors may voluntarily choose to use a proofreader or editor of their choice. Editing services are available through such organizations as Copy Desk,, and the Editorial Freelancers Association, Both of these organizations feature a free job-posting service for writers looking for editors.

As a convenience to authors seeking an editor, ASC also provides the names of editors interested in working with ASC authors:

Kathy Hayes, PH.D a Colorado-based professional writer and editor. Contact Dr. Hayes initially via email at

Kay Rios, a veteran writer and editor located in Fort Collins. Contact Ms.
Rios via e-mail at


ASC Proceedings' editorial style conforms closely to that of the International Journal of Construction Education and Research (IJCER). All manuscripts must be in the ASC style before being sent out for review.

The ASC style guide is located in the IJCER

Publication Manual of the
American Psychological Association,
Fourth Edition
(used to create the ASC Style Guide)

Important Check List of  DO NOTS:

Word Processing

Do not use the TABS button in any part of your paper; use tables with hidden borders.

Do not use MS Word drawing tools or Word Perfect drawing tools within the text; make a separate graphic file.

Do not use page or section breaks.

Do not use page numbering.

Do not use headers and footers.

Paper Content

Do not use first person or second person; use third.

Do not submit the paper without proofreading.

Do not identify yourself or your school or location (i.e. use University of ****).


Types of Articles (see Accepted Topics for definition)

Types of contributions solicited for Construction Education:

Graduate Education


Undergraduate Education

General Topics

Types of contributions solicited for Construction Practice:


General Topics

General Order of Presentation (see Paper Structure for more detail)

Manuscripts must be complete for consideration.

The general order of the paper is as follows:

  1. Title Page

    1. Title - summarizes the main idea of the article

    2. Author's Name - the name of the author and the institution where the study was conducted.

      The FIRST full paper submission (October) shall NOT include authorsí name or any identifying associations in the paperís content (example: University of **** at ****). If the paper is accepted for publication the author shall include in the FINAL submission (February) authorsí name and all identifying associations in the FINAL paperís content

    3. Abstract - a comprehensive summary of the contents of the article (150-250 words)

    4. Keywords - A list of five words that identify the content of the study that would be useful in a compiled database

  2. Body of the Manuscript - the full manuscript is 8 letter-size pages (5,000 words maximum), which include references and appendices; one-inch margin on all sides; no page numbers, 10 point font. The body should include the following sections:

    1. Introduction - presents the specific problem and describes research strategy, including background, purpose and rationale

    2. Method - Description of how the study was conducted, including participants, instrumentation and procedure

    3. Results - summarizes the data collected and the treatment of them, including tables, figures and statistical presentations

    4. Discussion - the author's evaluation and interpretation of the results

  3. References - all citations in the manuscript must be supported by a reference listing; all references listed must be cited within the main body of text; references should be limited to a maximum of 25.

  4. Appendixes - a detailed description of certain material that by its inclusion in the body would prove to be detracting; must be necessary for clarification of content to be appropriate for including in manuscript

  5. Author Notes - university and departmental affiliation, grant support acknowledgement, colleague's contributions, and whom may be contacted for additional information

Word processing

Authors may only use Microsoft Word.

If you are using MS Word 2007, please SAVE the word document AS Word 97-2003

Naming the document file and embedded graphics

The paper will use the lead author's last name as the file name (such as mills.doc and scott.mcw).  This file will contain the completed document with embedded tables and figures in their correct position within the paper.  

Finalizing the format of the paper

The final document will be reviewed for correctness of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If the document does not meet professional standards, it will not be accepted for review.

To facilitate publication, authors must check very carefully the symbols, abbreviations, and technical terms for accuracy, consistency, and readability and ensure that paper(s) and illustrations meet the ASC Style requirements.  HAVE A PROOFREADER REVIEW YOUR DOCUMENT.

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