Call for Papers and Schedule

Call for Papers -  ASC 55th International Conference held in conjunction with the CIB Workgroup 89

Papers Due: October 1, 2018 - October 24, 2018

Accepted Topics. Papers are submitted to one of the following topical areas (topic definition can be found at under "Paper Submission"):

Construction Education (pedagogical content):  Graduate, Undergraduate, Research, and General Topics

Construction Practice (non-pedagogical content):  Research and General Topics

General Requirements of the Manuscript and Style Guide. The Proceedings paper editorial style and format conforms closely to the recommendations of the ASC International Journal of Construction Education and Research. The general requirements and the styles of the paper are currently located at the following website

Submitting the Paper for Review. See "How to Submit" at for complete instructions. All papers have to be electronically submitted. A checklist for proper paper submission can be found at checklist also serves as helpful hints for a paper to be successful in the peer-review process.

NEW Important Notes for Authors

The following changes to the Proceedings approved by the ASC Board are effective for October 2017 submittals:



No more than 5 authors will be allowed on an individual ASC Proceedings Paper.


No changes in authorship may be made after initial submittal of ASC Proceedings Paper except obvious mis-spellings or similar errors.


Important Notes for Authors



Do not use the TABS key, section/page breaks, page numbering, headers/footers, or drawing tools in your paper.


Papers must comply with the style guide to qualify for consideration into the Proceedings review process.


This is a BLIND REVIEW, so please do not include authors name or any identifying associations in the papers content (example: University of **** at ****).



Eliminate all Tracking information within the "Word Document" (from word document click TOOLS --> Click Track Changes  A toolbar will show up with blue arrows, then Click Drop down arrow beside the Blue Check Mark --> Click Accept all Changes in Documents


Papers that are accepted are expected to be presented at the Annual Meeting by at least one registered submitting author. This is one of the requirements for the paper to be published in the ASC Annual Proceedings.

None of the materials included in the paper can be libelous, or otherwise unlawful which invade individual privacy, or which infringe upon proprietary rights.

Papers shall only include new material that has not been (in whole or part) copyrighted, published previously, or released for publication.

Accepted papers' copyright and all its derivations there from are transferred to Associated Schools of Construction.


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